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FertiLog is a menstrual cycle & fertility tracker application
FertiLog tracks and predicts your menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility, using calendar

FertiLog can be used as a birth control tool, or as a simple menstrual

By using FertiLog you can maximize your chances of getting pregnant or you can avoid pregnancy using natural methods of contraception.

Features of FertiLog include:
Predicting your fertile days in calendar view
Tracking events such as: intercourse, ovulation and other
Taking notes (personal dairy)
Password protection
Supported languages: English, French, Serbian, Croat

FertiLog is designed to be very user friendly. By entering only
two parameters (date of your last period and length of your period), you will be
able to visualize your fertility calendar.
It is absolutely Free and it shall stay free.
No trial periods, no restricted features!
In the near future, FertiLog shall include more advanced options such as tracking
your body temperature, displaying charts and so on...
It is a must have application for every girl!

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