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Hot body, do you want to have six packs?
Do you want to start working out, but not know how-to?
If you think you belong these statements below, you need this.

First : for the cost, time, laziness, you are slacking on everything in your daily life!
- There's a way to work out at home using dumbbells.

Second : You have tried several work-out apps, but disappointed at the same and trite videos!
- It provides explanation of work-out using 3D character from every angle, zoom in and out.

Third : You've wondering how to develop muscle on certain part of your body with a certain type of work-out!
- It shows exactly where you are working out!

Fourth : You've decided to work out!
- You can try and follow the moves at home or anywhere easily!

Fifth: You don't know what type of workout you ought to do!
- All you need to do is to work out following after the program!

You won't need to worry about where you work out for and how to work out.
★A 3D character will grant you a view from every angle, and show you the correct postures for each workout!!★

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