Fitness Legacy PRO



Fitness Legacy PRO is the perfect app for tracking and increasing your results and your health.

The app provides the easiness of being able to calculate your results, access your train and see your evolution anytime and anywhere, in the palm of your hand.


* Training: you will be able of create, manage and access your trains anytime, whether at the gym or outside it.

* Training Log: you will be able to save your old trains and track where you have improved or still have to improve.

* Evaluations: DO IT YOURSELF! you are the one who will do your own physical evaluation, calculating your body fat and saving your body measures.

* Development: access your old evaluations and also generate graphics with your development.

Beyond these features, you can use our calculators anytime:

* Body Fat (WITH SKINFOLD): calculate your body fat with a 3 fold's formula, using a skinfold.

* Body Fat (WITHOUT SKINFOLD): calculate your body fat with a formula which does not use skinfold, only your measures.

* Daily Caloric Expenditure: calculate the amount of calories you need a day, whether to maintain your weight, gain body mass or lose fat.

* Body Mass Index (B.M.I): check if you are in the ideal weight with this international measure

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