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Fitness Statistics

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Fitness Statistics is a tool for recording and graphing your progress in the categories of, Exercise, Diet, Measurements, Supplements and Injuries, allowing you to analyze your failures and successes for research and motivation.

The database only stores names and numbers, so you create your own naming schemes and use whichever units of measurement you like.

You can modify past entries if you need to, and export or import the database in JSON format to transfer to another app or enter data in bulk.

Speed and practicality is important to me, so previously used names auto-complete after 2 characters, and the diet section automatically prefills the macro-nutrients from the last time you used that food.

On the front page is a Feedback button to request features and solve problems.

If you already record progress in a paper diary, this app eliminates the need for carrying books everywhere, putting it all in the device that you take everywhere already. (Just don't drop any weights on it!)

If you're not familiar with the macro-nutrients you're consuming, you should start learning right now because it's valuable life knowledge. Google has thousands of websites eager to teach you the macros for a particular food, and in most countries the packaging has a label that states the fat, protein and carbs for the serving size or for 100 grams. Learning the macro-nutrients in 100 grams is more important because it's a percentage that can apply to all portion sizes of the food.

There are plenty of apps out there that automatically find the macro-nutrient values and record your diet, but they are limited to serving sizes, so if you consume more or less than the serving size, you cannot modify the numbers. Fitness Statistics gives you full control over the numbers, which allows you to estimate what you're consuming more accurately.

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Recently changed in this version

* Exercise search feature, allowing you to view the progress history of an exercise without having to swipe to the last day you did it.

* Routines feature. For new routines you haven't memorized, click the R button on the left, which allows you to add a routine, for example: "Legs workout", then add exercises and the number of sets. The routine will appear like this:

3 x Squats
3 x Leg press
2 x Leg extensions

* Graph overlays. View multiple charts at once to look for patterns.

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