Food Combining



If ever there is one universal language, it would definitely be food. As the years go by, we try to understand and reconcile ourselves with the power of food over our lives. They could make us young or old, fat or slim, health or weak. Because of this, a lot of studies and discoveries were made on the topic of food.
As well look at us in the mirror, most of us would almost immediately notice those lines in our faces. Suddenly we all wonder if we are too old or the environment around us is simply moving time so fast. We wonder what could be done.
in this application you will learn:
1. Introduction
2. Food and Nutrition
3. Importance of food
4. Food Pyramid
5. Malnutrition
6. How the digestive system works
7. Importance of digestion
8. What’s Food Combination?
9. Dr. Hay and Food Combining
10. Food sources
11. The Nine Rules
12. Food combination Table
13. Food combination-digestion pairing
14. Food combination vs. Weight gain
15. Food combination for a youthful glow
16. Food combination to detox the body
17. Energetic with raw food combination
18. Conclusion
Food Combining
Secrets of Food Combining
Food Combining Complete Guide
food combination
food combinations
Secrets of Food combinations

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