Fooducate Weight Loss Coach


Fooducate Weight Loss Coach's review


A comprehensive nutrition app to get into healthier habits

  • Health tracker
  • Detailed info about food ingredients and nutrients
  • Daily advice
  • Community
  • Healthier alternative to common meals
  • Needs better multi-language support
  • It isn't available in certain countries
  • It doesn't support popular fitness trackers (wearables)

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"You can eat better"


Fast food can be as addictive as many drugs and equally detrimental for your health. However, it's so easy and fast to get it, isn't it? Sometimes it's not the times or the accessibility but the ignorance of which are the alternatives. Fooducate is a comprehensive nutrition app that will help you get into healthier habits. It allows you to scan barcodes and get detailed information about food products: ingredients, nutrients, calories and overall rating based on all those parameters. In addition, it will show alternative (and healthier) products to the one you are looking at, check real-time info about products fed by the community and track your own weight loss progress.


Fooducate is set in a simple yet beautiful and intuitive interface. The app is made up by four sections - food finder, health tracker, community and daily tip - that go through all the phases of getting into a healthier life: changing habits, tracking progress, getting motivation by peers and expert advice on how to improve in each iteration. Finally, the level of detail about food ingredients and nutrients and the way it is displayed (the good, the harmful...) is outstanding.


It isn't available in certain countries. Needs better language support. It doesn't support popular fitness trackers (wearables).

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