Free the Pee Pro

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    ++Pure and Simple Relief!++
    +A must have for those who have stage fright or are bladder shy+
    +Works great to cover up noises+
    +Perfect for background white noise+
    Do you ever find yourself having difficulty relieving yourself in the restroom? Are you bladder shy in public places? If so Free the Pee is for you!

    Simple and Effective

    Free the Pee allows the user to hear a steady stream of running water to help relieve even the most anxious bladders. The fan function provides great background noise and sounds just like a bathroom vent fan!

    If you are the one creating the "noises" then you can choose from a variety of sounds to cover up even your most embarassing sounds. You can simulate flushing, coughing, and sneezing to mask the sounds of the bathroom.

    It also substitutes as a great relaxing or background noise. You can choose to hear a continuous water or fan sound. This can help you concentrate and even fall asleep! Great white noise simulation.

    Free the Pee is the environmentally friendly way to conserve water while using the restroom.

    If you suffer from stage fright or Paruresis this is your new best friend.

    Download now and Free the Pee!!!

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