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    Looking for an app to track your workout times? A companion to your workout routine? Look no further than the Get Fight Fit Timer! Whether you're a martial artist, weight lifter, endurance athlete, or crossfitter, this app has the features you need! Choose your settings and hit your workout hard without having to watch the clock! It goes where you go so you're never left without a timer!

    • Use the Round Timer, and adjust your round length, rest time, and number of rounds for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, or your favorite high intensity interval workout!

    • Use the Interval Timer, and set up a Tabata Protocol, or work on your favorite CrossFit WOD, or custom interval workout!

    • Time your runs, laps, and any other workout with the Stopwatch, and keep track of your Lap times, which can be saved and then recalled at any time using our exclusive Lap History feature!
    (Only one set of Lap History data can be saved at a time in the Demo version)

    • Keep track of reps, laps, or whatever you need by tapping the screen while a timer is running!

    • Turn off Audio and use strictly vibrations to alert you! Boxing coaches who cannot have audible beeps, dings, or whistles will appreciate this feature!

    +PRO FEATURE ONLY + Create and save as many Round Timers and Interval Timers as you can imagine, name them something memorable, and load them up at will! (Only one of each timer can be saved in the Demo version)

    + PRO FEATURE ONLY + Customize your Sounds and Vibration types for your own personalized audio cue and vibration settings!

    + PRO FEATURE ONLY + Tap the Kickboxer logo in the top-left corner of the screen for workout ideas, which you can then queue up and try out yourself!

    + Go Pro and get rid of advertisements for good!! +
    + Support independent developers and small businesses!! +


    Permissions explanations:

    Vibration - Vibrates!

    Wake Lock - Keep the screen on while a timer is running

    Internet and Network State - Display Advertisements


    E-mail us at with any questions/comments!

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