Gluten Free Search Database



Gluten Free Search Database is an app that lets you search for Gluten-Free ingredients and lets you know if they are safe or unsafe for your gluten free diet.

Find restaurants that offer Gluten Free menu items, see if your medications are gluten-free ...

This app lets you easily and quickly ...

- Search for Safe and Unsafe Ingredients in food you eat or are thinking about eating.

- Browse the database alphabetically for ingredients

- *** NEW *** search or browse for Medications or Drugs that may contain gluten.

- Find Restaurants on a map that offer Gluten Free options near you.

11 Things You THOUGHT Were Gluten Free ...

Soy Sauce - not gluten free

Thickener - not gluten free

Generic Tylenol - (who knew) not gluten free

Faux Meats - not gluten free

Starbucks Light Syrup - not gluten free

Communion Wafers - not gluten-free

Lipstick - suprisingly not gluten free

Spice Blends - not gluten free

Ice Cream - not gluten - free

Licorice - not gluten free

Malt Vinegar - not gluten-free