Glycemic Index Table Of Food



You will also discover how to effortlessly control your glycemic index for the rest of your life

Inside How to Glycemic Index Table Of Food you will learn:

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: What is the glycemic index?
Chapter 3: How is the glycemic index in foods determined?
Chapter 4: Yes, there are good carbs
Chapter 5: What are the effects of glucose?
Chapter 6: The facts about insulin
Chapter 7: The glycemic index and diabetes connection
Chapter 8: Incorporating the insulin index
Chapter 9: Glycemic index benefits: weight loss
Chapter 10: Glycemic index benefits: reduced diabetes risk
Chapter 11: Glycemic index benefits: improved heart health
Chapter 12: Glycemic index benefits: lower cholesterol
Chapter 13: Go one step further with glycemic loading
Chapter 14: How to recognize low glycemic index foods easily
Chapter 15: How to calculate the glycemic load of any food
Chapter 16: Glycemic index table of common foods
Chapter 17: “Do’s” and “don’ts” of following a glycemic index diet
Chapter 18: In conclusion

A comprehension food guide is included that shows you where some of the most common foods fall in the Glycemic Index and instructions on how to use this information.

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