Good Sleep(intelligent filter)



Life changes a lot according to the quality of sleep.

This App was made for people who pursue the quality of sleep.


-A red filter is covered over the screen of your smart phone as a bedtime hour is approached.
->Since a blue light of the screen of a smart phone is close to the light of the sun of daytime, it is said that it will mistake if a brain is daytime, and a rhythm in the living body is out of order.

-While you are sleeping, your smart phone is made into airplane mode.
->It is said that the electric wave which a smart phone emits prevents your sleep.
By setting it in airplane mode, waking by mail arrival and consumption of a battery can also be prevented at the time of sleeping.

-The inside of a bedtime hour covers a dark filter over the screen of your smart phone.
->When you awake midnight and a smart phone is taken in its hand, it prevents the brightness of a screen and being wide-awake.

-While you are sleeping, your smart phone is made into silent mode.

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