GooPatient is a simple app that allows you to take better care of your Health and your Family. It uses hashtags to organize records (like in Twitter), so you can create health records in the most natural way.

The mobile version works only in tandem with desktop version!
WHY? Because it's dangerous to keep all your health records on a phone. If you lose your phone - you lose your health data, that may be critical for your life!

That's why Goopatient keeps the primary database with your health information on PC and you can sync it with your phone (for example, to take your health records with you when you visit doctor or travel).

So, before using the Mobile GooPatient, you need to install the desktop version, create profiles for yourself and your family members and sync the database to your phone via USB. You'll see the instructions when install the app.

The mobile app works only with GooPatient Family version!

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