GPS Pedometer Walk/Run Keeper



GPS Pedometer Walk/Run Keeper Android App FREE

Use your Android Device as an Pedometer using GPS..Save daily distances,along with time and date..
The app allows your device to be used as
-Pedometer : to measure your jogging distance , walking distance etc...
-Odometer : For used in cycling , bike race etc..
-Used in boats and Ships...where accurate odometer to measure distance is rare..

The app is just 180Kb (ie 0.18Mb)& movable to sd card..

1.App automatically Switches ON GPS
2.The digit turns GREEN(or vibrates a sec) when the app receives satellite signal and your position is locked..
3.Click 'Start' before running or go jogging. Digit turns RED once the Pedometer starts reading distance ..
4.Measures distance until you press 'Stop'..
5.Allows user to LOG/view logged data...(it will be saved in sd card).The Log can be seen from the app..
6.'LOCK' Facility ,so you don't accidentally click stop or leave the app...

This GPS pedometer tracks your location with a 3 sec delay and calculate the distance moved. The Pedometer app works more accurately if there is a clear view of the sky..

Users can use this app as a daily log of your jogging distance too..All your data will be stored in SDcard/ GPS Pedometer /test.txt file...

PS: The App

The position and distances are tracked with the help of satellites thousands of miles up in the sky.Slight miscalculations are inevitable.. I hope everyone understands..thanks

'm' stands for Meter..'ft' for feet..
More units for distances will be added in the next update...

Convert to kilo Meter by dividing the reading by 1000
Convert to Miles by dividing the reading by 1609.3
Convert to feet by multiplying the reading with 3.28

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