Green Tea Manual



Green Tea is a Great Health Drink

Tea is the most popular beverage, after water, throughout the world.

We all know about Green Tea. What the specialty of the Green tea is that it is rich in catechin, plyphenols. Apart from this Green Tea acts as a medicine for many patients. It helps in lowering blood pressure to prevents cancer.The other benefits of green tea is that we can lose weight, It helps in curing diabetes. The green tea reduced the cholesterol and improves the ratio of cholesterol.It is advisable to drink green tea daily because the risk of blood pressure will be low. People who are in depression.An Amino acid is found in tea leaves it acts as a tranquilizing effects to drinkers.


**What is Green Tea

**What are the importance of Green Tea?

**What are the advantages of Green Tea?

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**What are the benefits of drinking Green Tea?

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