Guide To Advanced Yoga



Here is what you will discover inside...

★ The "I"
★ The Ego's Mental Tools
★ The Expansion of the Self
★ Mental Control The Cultivation of Attention
★ Cultivation of Perception
★ The Unfoldment of Consciousness
★ The Highlands and Lowlands of Mind
★ The Mental Planes
★ Sub-Consciousing
★ Sub-Conscious Character Building
★ Sub-Conscious Influences
★ The One
★ Omnipresent Life
★ The Creative Will
★ The Unity of Life
★ The One and the Many
★ Within the Mind of the One
★ Cosmic Evolution
★ The Ascent of Man
★ Metempsychosis
★ Spiritual Evolution
★ The Law of Karma
★ Occult Miscellany

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