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Gym Ball Workouts

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Gym Ball Workouts is a great app yo help you get and stay fit. The Gym Ball, or stability ball, or swiss ball is a great tool and this app will show you many ways to use yours and help you get in shape.

In all the app utilises some 108 instructional videos that are easy to follow.

The first 50 videos are included and the rest can easily be added later.

Video Lessons:
2 Swiss Ball Crunch
3 Swiss Ball Straight Leg Bridge
4 Swiss Ball Side Crunch
5 Swiss Ball Torso Twist
6 Swiss Ball Back Extension
7 Swiss Ball Roll Out
8 Swiss Ball Alternating Superman
9 Swiss Ball Knee Tuck
10 Swiss Ball Spinal Twist
12 Swiss Ball Pelvic Tilt
13 Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl
14 Swiss Ball Quad Extension
15 Swiss Ball Push Up
16 Swiss Ball Lateral Pull
17 Swiss Ball Bicep Curl
18 Swiss Ball Tricep Extension
19 Swiss Ball Calf Raise
20 Swiss Ball Leg Lifts
21 Swiss Ball Reverse Crunch
22 Swiss Ball Reverse Extension
23 Swiss Ball Bent Knee Bridge
24 Swiss Ball Pike Press
25 Swiss Ball Prone Torso Twist
26 Swiss Ball Supine Lateral Roll
27 Swiss Ball Ab Stretch
entrainement sur ballon en circuit
Cours gainage dynamique Broussal univ MLVwmv
iGym GymBall Circuit1
iGym GymBall Circuit2
iGym GymBall Circuit3
iGym GymBall Circuit4
iGym GymBall Circuit5
iGym GymBall Circuit6
Adam Ford Swiss Ball Basics 32 min Fitness DVDRip TG
gym ball exercises
Flatten Your Pot Belly Workout Video
Lose Your Love Handles Workout Video
11 Swiss Ball Sizing
Ridgeline Fitnesss Swiss Ball Abs and Core Preview
Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Upper Body Preview
Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Lower Body Preview
Prone Hip Twist with Swiss Ball
Kim Strothers Swiss Ball Workout
Chris Comforts Swiss Ball Exercises
Chris Comforts Push Up Workout Part II
Top Ten Stability Ball Exercises by wwwgetfitsourcecom
Sexy Abs Workout Physio Ball Crunches
How to Get Six Pack Abs Abdominal Crunches Using an Exercise Ball
How to Use an Exercise Ball Strengthening Your Abs Using an Exercise Ball
Stability Ball ABs
Ball Exercises
10 Minute Solution Fitness Ball Workout
Fat To Firm Fitness Ball for Dummies
Abs Ball Exercise
Swiss Ball Jackknife Pike
1 Intro to Ridgeline Fitness Swiss Ball Series
Advanced Exercises for Core w Ball BodySpex Fitness
Six Pack Abs Workout Stability Ball Exercises
Esercizi AddominaliAddome con la Fit BallPalla svizzera
pilates con la gym ballavi
Reebok Fitness Online Workout GymBall - Side Winder
Reebok Fitness Online Workout GymBall - Russian Twist
Reebok Fitness Online Workout GymBall - Twist Sit Ups
Reebok Fitness Online Workout Handweights - Alt Arm Shoulder Press
Reebok Fitness Online Workout Handweights - Chest Press and Fly
Super Swiss Ball Workout
Kim Strothers Great Core Workout
Dumbbell presses on swiss ball
Buttocks Exercises Hip abduction with Swiss ball
Bridging with swiss ball women workout Slim Hips
Ab exercises with Swiss Ball
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Cathe Friedrichs Stretch Max
Vibe Academia - Pilates com Bola
Exerccios com Bola Pilates Gynastic Ball Carci
SparkPeople Stability Ball Workout
Abs Upper Body Workout on Fitness Ball Training w Tammy
KILLER ABS - Stability ball workout
The Best Butt Workout with a Stability Ball
Upper Body Workout with Stability Ball
Ten Minute Workout with Fitness Ball
Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Side Squat With Leg Extension
Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Obliques
Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Preacher Curl
Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Triceps Kick Back
Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Side Leg Raise
Stability Ball Workout Stability Ball Wide Row
BEST SIXPACK exercise swisball rollouts
Ab exercises for sculpting on the stability ball
Best Total Lower Body Workout with Stability Ball
The Best Beginners Abs Workout with Stability Ball
The Most Fun Abs Exercises You Can Do with a Ball
Pilates Ball exercise lift legs 2 Connie Yndal
Core Max Ab Routine 2 Stability Ball

and many more!

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