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Hair is one of the most important parts of the body when it comes to looking good and head hair is right on top of the importance hierarchy. That’s why when a person starts going bald; it is accompanied by acute psychological stress, especially in women. Besides in their desire to get back the lost glory one resorts to different types of treatments for hair loss
Hair types
There are three major ethnic hair types, African, Asian and Caucasian. They are different because they have:
Different hair shaft shapes
Different shape of the hair follicle
Difference in the fiber characteristic
People with thin hair have more hair on their head. Thick hair covers more area as a result there are fewer hairs on the head. Each hair has its own natural oil supply. Since there are more fine hairs, thin hair has more oil sources. Thick hair has less oil production and takes in more oil. These differences in hair diameter lead to different hair needs.

In general, the finer your hair, the more you actually have in numbers and higher the number of hair folicals, the higher oil production.
The shape, size, length and configuration of the hair, along with any processing that has been carried out on it, affects handling and grooming requirements. Those with fine limp hair spend a lifetime trying to make more of it while those with coarse fuzzy hair are always trying to control it – and make it ‘lie down’.
Cuticle Hair
This is one kind of good human hair, its cuticle is healthy and undamaged. The cuticle locks in essential moisture and protects hair against outside elements, more important is that much of the shine is due to the cuticle, which together with the pigment within the cortex, gives hair its healthy and natural characteristic appearance, so without cuticle, hair would appear dull and lifeless, dried out and brittle. This kind of hair is very expensive. The majority of hair sold today is non-cuticle, which is less expensive, and is suitable for restyling and coloring when they are human hair.

European Human Hair
This kind of hair is not necessarily from Europe, which is just one hair name of having similar structure and character. Indian hair, American hair, and European hair all can belong to European hair. Typical European hair is relatively thin and has an oval cross-section. This kind of hair is very popular for human hair products.

Asian Hair
This kind of hair is mostly Chinese hair, which is thicker than European hair and has a round cross-section. It is always dark black, so manufacturers will do an acid bath wash on the hair to make it thinner and lighter. The hair can then be processed into many different styles and colors. This type hair is less expensive as usual.

Indian Hair
Just because someone tells you that the hair is “Indian hair” doesn’t mean that the hair is of the highest quality. Quality depends on the collection method. When different types of hair are mixed with the cuticles aligned in different directions, the cuticles must be removed to prevent tangling and therefore hair will be covered with silicon making it a less quality product and therefore less expensive.
Indian Remy Hair
The finest quality hair and most beautiful hair in the world with all cuticles present and aligned in the same direction!

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