Happy Girl 21 Day Detox Diet



Are you ready to detox and cleanse your body like the Hollywood Stars, safely?

Than download this simple,all natural, body cleansing, detox diet that will transform your body into a strong and slim, " New You"!

The Happy Girl Detox Diet is a one of a kind, female diet and fitness program that detoxifies your body, increases your metabolism and makes fat calories fall off your hips, thighs, tummy,glutes and arms with its complete cardio program.
You'll accelerate weight loss by utilizing the biggest trend in dieting...Raw, natural green smoothies, fruit smoothies , clean whole foods and a cardio program.

The Happy Girl Detox Diet lays it all out for you:
> Detailed Health Food Recipes
> Complete shopping list
> Recommended brands for all foods
> Detailed 21-Day Diet plan
> Expert Cardio Fat Burning Plan
> Health and Fitness Knowledge


The Happy Girl Detox Diet Missión:
To help thousands of women, just like you; get healthy, happy and fired up about their fitness and dietary achievments, without breaking the bank.


1. What can the Happy Girl Cleanse do for you?:

*Eliminate Belly Bloat and help you get a Flat Tummy.
*Increase your energy and strength.
*Transform your Belly, Butt, hips & Thighs!
*Give you a detailed Cardio program that helps you burn 800-1200 plus calories in each daily workout.
*Motivation Makeover (shed pounds while gaining lean muscle)
*Help you fit into your skinny jeans.
*Boost your endurance, metabolism and core strength.
* Detox your immune and digestive system.
* Purify your skin and give you a healthy complexion.


2. What the Happy Girl Cleanse is not:

*A Quick fix (You'll get long-term results).
*Just a diet plan (Happy girl diet is a diet and fitness program that encorporates natural foods and expert fitness training for girls health and fitness)
*Gimmick ( Happy Girl Diet is based on a whole foods diet and science based exercise programs)
*Starvation Diet ( Happy Girl Cleansing Diet helps you lose weight while still feeling full.)

3. What Does the Happy Girl Cleanse Diet give you:

*21 Day Cardio and Diet Plan:
-Detailed Shopping List for all 3 Phases (Each diet cleansing phase is 7 days.)
-Complete Recommended Healthy Food Brand List
-Detailed detox and cleansing diet plan for all meals
-Recipes for all healthy foods below:
*Healthy, Fruit smoothies
*Tasty, Green Smoothies
*Yummy, Soup Blend Smoothies
* Homemade, Natural Soups
* Raw, Fresh Salads
* Organic, Protein Marinades
* Fantastic, Veggie dishes
* Grilled Fruits
-21 day Cardiovascular Program
- No gym required.
So, If you’re ready to; burn fat,get super healthy, detox your digestive system and get motivated to lose weight and look fantastic, then the Happy Girl Cleanse Diet is for you.

Please email bsstudio@comcast.net for further details or help.

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