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All things in life have their own unique frequency signature or vibration. Each of us respond or resonate to the sounds and vibrations around us. Some uplift and energise us and others bring us comfort.

Frequencies from Healing Pulse give you access to pure direct frequencies that will resonate to a range of human conditions.

Our current library of Pure Frequencies includes:
Cold Flu, Inflamation, Liver Support, Pancreas Support, Thrush, Hayfever, Rejuvenation, Gut Fungus, Heartburn, Feeling Great, Athlete's Foot, Gall Bladder, Gut Restore, Tinnitus, Kidney care, Anxiety, Nausea, Air sickness, Cold Sores, Sore Throat, Harmony, Love, Unity, Fatigue Syndrome, Balance, Calm, Healing Regeneration, Vitaligo, Sunstroke Recovery, Arthritis (Rheumatic), Motion Sickness, Head Lice.

Or you could try our unique Pure Frequencies Plus Binaural Beats such as:
Tranquillity Plus, Tranquillity, Escape Plus, Escape, Mood Manager

Balance your Chakras with:
Chakra Crown, Chakras Root, Chakra Scaral, Chakra Heart, Chakra Solar Plexus, Chakra Throat

More Frequencies are being added all the time and will instantly become available in the shop so check back regularly.

Pure Frequencies are often not pleasant tones to listen to.
Due to this the Healing Pulse App allows you to listen to your own music whilst using a Healing Pulse Pure Frequency.

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