Healing Workshops




    This app represents our natural healing workshops stretched out through the whole year on a weekly and monthly basis.

    Running sessions and practical workshops cover the following:

    Reiki FAQ
    multihealing FAQ

    Energy Centering
    Energy Grounding
    Reiki Centering
    Reiki Grounding

    Daily Meditation
    Healing Meditation
    Reiki Meditation

    Reiki Experience
    Reiki Cocktail

    Full Reiki treatment
    Reiki infinite dimensions
    Healing Energy Exercises (part.1)
    Reiki Exercises (part.1)

    Environmental Cleansing
    Aura cleansing (7 layers)
    Aura Energizing (physical body)
    Aura Energizing (energy centers.7Chakras)

    Chakras evaluation

    Guided meditation (Shambhala, Himalaya, the Master within...)

    Pyramid Meditation (Junior, senior and advanced level)
    Reiki Pyramid Meditation (level 1. 2 and Master level)

    Reiki distant healing

    Multihealing local/national projects

    Vibrational healing sounds (part.1 , 2)

    Reiki .I. course
    Reiki .II. course
    Reiki .III. Master course
    Reiki .IV. Teacher course

    Light and Peace

    This app is a part of a series of apps designed, organized and published by Multihealing Center in Montreal Quebec Canada. All rights reserved, however you can read more of how you can contribute to the awarenes of effective natural healing energies in your country, city, or community.

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