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Health Calculator – BMI & WTH: This is a simple and clean app that calculates your Body Mass Index & Waist to Hip Ratio and classifies them under the standard health ranges. It considers your age and gender to provide you a more accurate classification of your health range.

1. Age and Gender based classification of range
2. Supports Metric and Imperial scales
3. Supports 4 languages - English, French, German and Spanish
4. Suggests your normal range
5. Gender based themes

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

BMI or Body Mass Index is a measurement of body fat based on your height and weight which generally applies to both adult men and women. BMI is very easy to measure and calculate and is therefore the most commonly used tool to correlate risk of health problems with your weight.

How does Waist To Hip Ratio (WTH) complement the BMI?

The World Health Organisation considers the Waist to Hip Ratio a good indicator of your personal health. However, it works best only if you consider your reading from both BMI and WTH. A good range on both BMI & WTH ensures a healthier you.

Would age and gender change my BMI & WTH?

Although age and gender has no impact on your BMI or WTH, it would influence ‘the Range’ to which an adult belongs. We have considered age and gender to calculate the Range in our “Health Calculator".

Who should not be using Health Calculator?

BMI & WTH are mere indicators basis your body statistics and does not take into consideration your body type, structure, current health status, diet or exercise. These are only indicators/ guideline. Do not use Health Calculator – BMI & WTH if you fall under the following:
1. Children (below 18 yrs)
2. Pregnant Ladies
3. Athletes / Body builders
4. People with medical conditions

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