Help Me Quit Smoking



I would like to give you this FREE app which will provide you with news, information and support about kicking the habit of smoking. Inside this app you will find:

News about quitting
Tips on quitting
The benefits of quitting
Living a healthier lifestyle
Money Saved
Informational Videos
Social networking support of quitting
Special Offers

Wouldn't it be nice to realize the truly wonderful benefits of giving up a nasty and expensive habit? Think of all the gains: no more chronic cough, no more awful smell, no more cleaning butts, the money you won't be spending on smoking, gained productivity, food tastes much better, non-smoking lifestyle, no dry sticky contact lenses or residue on glass and furniture, improved physical appearance, and say bye bye to yellow teeth.

This FREE app will give you the information you need to help you do something good for yourself and family.

This developer can give personal testimony of the benefits of quitting, as I have been smoke free since September 2010 and am ever so thankful. I estimate my cost saving over two years to be about $3,000.00. What could you do with an extra $3,000.00???

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