Never go thirsty again!

Hydromaster determines how much water you should be drinking based on a number of different factors, such as exercise, climate, weight and even the amount of alcohol consumed!
This App will remind you when to drink, and you can track the amount of water drunk every day.

Simply configure your personal hydration factors and Hydromaster will periodically remind you when its time for a glass of water!

List of features;
- Calculate daily water requirements using a number of different factors.
- Log water drank
- Alarms to remind you to drink. Either at a set interval, or based on your daily hydration water amount.
- History of water drank per day
- Detailed break down of how different hydration factors effect the amount you should be drinking.
- Different weight and water measurement units.
- Interesting water information and facts.
- Easy to use Widget for updating your water intake.

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