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    Recommended by Guardian UK: "InFlow, a free app that enables you to log your moods daily. You can then analyse your behaviour patterns and get advice on how to be a happier bunny. Who needs therapy?"

    In Flow helps you to better understand yourself and your ever-changing mood, keeping your friendships healthy and happy along the way. Even though we know what makes us feel good, we tend to spend our time doing absolutely different things. We at In Flow believe that tracking your emotions and habits is the first step to feeling like your best YOU. In Flow makes it easy to track this emotional pattern and be your guide to happiness.

    * Keep track of your mood daily with automatic reminders
    * Weigh and compare what makes you happy with the things you spend most time doing
    * Follow your friend's moods, cheer them up and support one another!
    * Better understand yourself using best and worst rating and mood graph
    * Get your weekly mood journal for free on our website
    * Share your emotions with friends
    * Remember the greatest moments of your life
    * Get tips on how to improve your mood and be a happier person
    * Share happiest moments of your life with friends on twitter and Facebook
    * Cope with your mood or bipolar disorder
    * Predict your mood swings and depression with help of mood graph
    * See how your energy and emotions correlate

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