Indian Recipes Vol - 2




    This is a collection of delightful recipes taken from all over the country. The author has written this book keeping in mind the problems of a new housewife and the growing servant problem in the urban areas. Each recipe has been tried and tasted and wherever necessary the author has tried to simplify and modify so as to make them wholesome, nutritive and of course delightful to the palate. A few foreign dishes have also been included.

    Some of the Recipes are

    - Rasgulla
    - Dhokla
    - Mutter Paneer
    - Dum Aloo
    - Aloo Mutter
    - Rasmalai
    - Vegetable Korma
    - Chakli
    - Tomato Soup
    - Sweet Corn Soup
    - Cheesy Rasgulla
    - Malai Kofta

    And many more recipes are there in the this app..
    More varieties of recipes will be updated soon.
    Enjoy this application and make a variety of dishes and feed it to your loved ones.

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