Irritable Bowel Syndrome Diet



Having sensitive digestion, particularly a sensitive colon, can have a big impact on your day-to-day life. People with "iron stomachs" simply don't understand how much it can affect everything you do.

When you have a sensitive digestive system, problems can be triggered by stress, certain foods, or caffeinated or carbonated beverages. Sometimes, there doesn't seem to be any trigger at all. Before you know it, though, you're rearranging your whole life to accommodate it.

Do You Have These Symptoms?

You feel like you always need to know where the nearest bathroom is just in case.

You occasionally miss work because of your sensitive digestion.

You sometimes avoid recreational activities or turn down social invitations.

You feel irritable and out of sorts when your digestion isn't working perfectly.

You feel like you must be extremely careful about what you eat.

You don't have to feel that way any more.

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