iVibe Massager



The First! The Best! The Original Vibrating mobile App!!!

100’s of thousands of downloads on iTunes, now available on Android!
Makes a great personal massager.

Vibration has been proven to stimulate hair growth, treat cellulite, and wrinkles.
Relax with iVibe Massager's 4 different
vibrational modes.
iVibe Massager makes great use of your mobile device’ internal vibrating
function turning your mobile phone into a personal vibrating massager.

Turn iVibe Massager on and use it anywhere! Vibrate the stress away after a
long day. Put it under your pillow and let it gently soothe you to sleep. It’s great
for helping the baby fall back to sleep too. Are your feet sore at work? Try iVibe
Massager and see how much more relaxed you feel after a vibrating massage..

You can even use it in personal areas to spice up your life, just like a real vibrating massager ;)

iVibe Massager, includes “Full Speed, “Fast Pulse”, “Slow Pulse” and “Random”
vibrational modes. Also includes “Brightness Settings”, “Password Protection”
and a “Screen lock” feature.
Download it today and vibrate your worries away.

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