KCal Counter - Lite



The app allow to track various meal during the day classifyng them basing by assumption's hour and corrispondend calories, working as a Food Book.
It is possible to know macromolecular/energy content of a lot of aliments and using Food Book function will be possible to take notes in an easy way the various calories taken at meal-end.
This will help to follow an healthy and balanced diet!

The app contains a database with 800 aliments (and relative values) with the possiblity to add others baed on your alimentary habits.

The Lite Version has some limitation about Food Book number and theire duration.
With a chep charge, buying Full Version, you will can manage more Food Books at the same time, without limits about their duration and a limited use of Info Food section.

Note: app contains food database in german as well for german users.

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