Kettlebell Abs + Core Workou



Kettlebell Core and Abs Workout

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Get your abs worked and core strong with this complete kettlebell instructional app with follow along kettlebell core circuits circuits. Learn from one of the best in the business, personal trainer Samuel Pont, as he demonstrates and coaches you on each of the essential kettlebell techniques.

Then after sharpening your skills complete the follow along kettlebell core drills with coach Samuel Pont to get your core strong and abs looking great!

A complete kettlebell instructional and workout DVD for a fraction of the cost! All the videos are self-contained within the app so you can workout with Samuel at anytime regardless of signal. Over 35 minutes of content within the app!A complete workout dvd at the fraction of the cost

This app is in UK english

-8 follow along kettlebell instructional clips clearly demonstrating how to perform each move, time to learn from one of the best personal trainers around! The on to the full video follow along workout!

Also Free!! Sam’s top 10 personal training fat loss secrets- normally only given to his one- one clients you now can have the best information on how to lose weight fast. Fat loss doesn't need to impossible- Sam will show you how to enhance muscle tone and lose fat quickly.

Movements Covered-

-The Turkish Get Up
-The Windmill
-The Side Press
-The Russian Twist
-The Sicilian Crunch
-The Oblique Figure of 8
-The Oblique Side Bend
-The Kettlebell Lunging Wood Chop

Then its time to get that core strong and abs looking great with the fantastic follow along kettlebell drills- you’ll work hard but Samuel will be encouraging you the whole way.

Samuel Pont is an internationally acclaimed personal trainer and strength coach with his own school of kettlebell and bodyweight training systems.
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