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The first Android application of its kind! This program has been tested and practiced throughout the world for over 10 years in Kyusho International, the premier pressure point organization in the world. The methods, however, are 100s of years old in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Now for the first time this program is at your fingertips. Achieve your goal of health and wellness with Kyusho Healing!
Kyusho Healing is a comprehensive healing database that provides clear pictures, graphics, videos and instructions- all within the palm of your hand.
Each year we spend thousands on our own wellness. Many common ailments can be relieved or even prevented by regular treatment using Kyusho Healing. Doctor visits, insurance, and over-the-counter drugs can be very costly. With Kyusho Healing you will have an alternative that can save you hundreds on aspirin and other pain relief medications.
Kyusho Healing provides graphics of required pressure points and a detailed recipe towards healing and relieving pain, pressure and unwanted stress. Video updates will allow consumers to view a trained professional performing these methods on others. Simply choose from our menu of common ailments and you will be on your way to feeling better and providing relief for friends and family.
Beautifully designed, Kyusho Healing looks and functions as a real Android application.

-Sore Throats
-Anxiety/ Insomnia
-Elevated Heart Rate
-Central Headaches
-Lateral Headaches
-Sinus Congestion
-Asthma/ Bronchial Congestion
-Menstrual Cramps
-Foot Cramps
-Nausea/ Motion Sickness
-Intestinal Irritation/ Constipation
-Back Pain
-Carpal Tunnel
-Seizure Disorder
-Overeating/ Hunger

-Only Android application of its kind
-Covers healing for the most common ailments (headache, asthma, back aches, etc)
-Clear images & graphics of point location for easy accessibility
-Full recipe (some in steps) for easy healing methods
-Video updates for all healing methods (see trained healing professional in action)
-FREE unlimited backup & restore to Kyusho Healing server

-Low price with lots of content
-This application will continue to offer additional healing methods through updates
-Interactive Motion is committed to providing the best Android applications.
-Usable interface and design

-Kyusho Healing will offer regular updates to better meet your needs including additional healing methods, additional graphics, and additional video resources.

Healing- tissue organs biological system cells regenerate damaged repair inflammation virus hormones collagen holistic
Sore Throat- pain pharyngitis trauma oropharynx irritation strep streptococcal gargling rest
Hiccup- hiccough diaphragm vocal cords reflex home remedies lung thoracic medulla
Anxiety- disorders attacks panic personality mental illness ocd obsessive compulsive stress
Insomnia- chronic severe awakenings
Elevated Heart Rate- resting pulse shock cardiovascular
Rashes- chicken pox measles mumps infections calamine red hives shingles
Headaches- tension migraine cluster rhinitis fibromyalgia
Sinus Congestion- nasal humidifier adenoids vicks vaporub
Asthma- breathing exercise induced inhaler
Bronchial Congestion- blood flow soothes swollen severity
Menstrual Cramps- pms sexual health women heavy bleeding breast tenderness pelvis
Foot Cramps- arch ankles weak restless leg syndrome
Nausea- vomiting throwing up puking
Motion Sickness- senses inner ear canal prevention
Intestinal Irritation- tract colon digestive enzyme cleanse diarrhea discomfort constipation
Back Pain- lower pain lumbar muscles spinal spine spasms posture abdominal core
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- ligament endoscopic tendon rheumatoid arthritis
TMJ- Temporomandibular Joint Disorder- jaw tension teeth gum mandible
Seizure Disorder- epilepsy convulsions grand mal petit absence partial focal
Overeating/ Hunger- weight binge compulsive hyper

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