Leadership is the ultimate form of freedom, and the quickest real path to success. If you're following someone, you won't finish first. If you follow everyone, you'll finish last. It's time to improve your life and make yourself into the leader you always knew you were deep down. Give yourself control over your life. Give yourself success.

No one is born a great leader. Leadership comes from good decisions that allow the brain to recalibrate itself to a specific skill set. The calibration of the mind is the single most important factor in deciding just how successful we are going to be. And right now with the advent of our entrainment therapy it's possible to make just one good decision to rocket you on the path to being a good leader.

Have you ever been in a group situation and noticed the leader suddenly taking control of what happens next? Psychologists have studied group dynamics and those who are naturally inclined to lead others. They've discovered that as this activity takes place, the behavior is largely subconscious. Many leaders lead without even realizing it. The greatest ones know there's no other way.

Leaders are going to get that promotion. It's up to you to become that leader.
Families, like businesses need to have excellent leaders who are both respected and looked upon for guidance. When your family is not looking to you for guidance, they're looking to someone else.
Good Leaders lead themselves above all else. Missed opportunities are strangers to the leader.
Some people's minds have developed in such a way that reinforces their behavior to naturally guide others and be looked upon as the focus of the group. People naturally gravitate towards these types because of the way they speak and conduct themselves. By inspiring confidence in others, these leaders rarely find themselves at the mercy of the world around them, instead feeling confident and enjoying all challenges that come their way.

Here's a subconscious trick. When you enter a room full of people such as a class, an office, or even a family assembled at dinner there will generally be at least one person in the situation who is the recognized leader. This recognition, while generally unspoken, is the primary cue to cause others in the group to lean toward this individual when making decisions. They will ask this person more questions, draw upon their wisdom, and generally conduct themselves as though this person possesses special status in the group. Often times this leader is the officially recognized person for the setting, such as a teacher or a manager.

But social groups have leaders as well. In common terms, this leader is often referred to as the "Alpha" male or female. This is the man or woman who is given slightly better treatment than the others, is listened to more in conversation, and who is generally the guide in decisions that need to be made about the group. A good leader in a social group almost immediately removes the threat of a fun and friendly social gathering degenerating into a nightmarish scene of arguments. Most arguments, as it turns out, are the result of people attempting to gain social sway in a given group. If the leader of the group is already established, you'll be surprised how quickly these melt away.

In the work place, leaders are always the ones who are given that big promotion. If others pass you by it's no mystery why. In addition to work performance, reliability, and respect, employers are overwhelmingly interested in how others within the office or business interact with you. If the boss does not notice you yet, it's because others haven't given him reason to. But when others listen to you when you talk confidently as a leader, you will certainly be on the boss' mind when the word promotion comes up. And that means more money, prestige, and general success.

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