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New in Version 2.1
- Bug Fixed

New in Version 1.8
- New Dashboard.
- Now User Can Track His Detail Logs
- UI Changes.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

New in Version 1.7
- Login With Facebook
- Now User Can Take An Appointment To Lifespan Clinic
- Bug Fixes

New in Version 1.6
- Now Lifespan patient can connect with his patient profile.
- Regular Notification of Lifespan patient.
- UI Changes.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

New in Version 1.5
- Auto-Login Feature added.
- Adding your log is much simpler now. At the launch of the application, it will directly take you to the add log section.
- Now you can also track your pluse rate in this new version.
- Other minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.4
- Locate the nearest Lifespan Clinic in your city from the dashboard.
- You can now email your readings to your doctors too. Please visit "Settings" and select "Email Your Log". This will ask for the email app configured on your phone and attached the csv file of the logs which can be easily read on mobile email & computers.
- A back navigation button now works.
- Various Bugs Fixes.

Version 1.3
- various bugs fixed.
- Please update your profile and mention your country. This will help us support you globally.

Version 1.2
- added a new support email address in Settings
- now you can add your family members for Lifespan Family Connect app to access your log book.

Lifespan Diabetes Management app. is a complete diabetes management app. It is user friendly and a comprehensive personal diabetes manager. Your data is secured in the app. by means of a username and password (data privacy). This app. is your personal diabetes management assistant. It will be constantly updated to provide you the latest information and know-how regarding diabetes.

Features of Lifespan Diabetes Management App:
1. Comprehensive log for recording all your readings.
The app. has a provision for entering your blood glucose readings, blood pressure readings, exercise details, meals consumed and your comment. The in-built stress meter calculates your stress levels. The app. provides complete back-up of your health parameters on its server which can be retrieved whenever you need it (no loss of personal health data).

2. Monitor blood sugar fluctuations accurately over a defined time frame.
The app. provides easy reference for your entire log history. This means, that you can check what you ate, what was your blood glucose reading, what was your blood pressure reading on any given calendar day. One can also track fluctuation in their blood sugar levels by means of a graph that helps you visually see the difference in blood sugar levels over a period of a week, month or even a year.

3. Smart reminders
Smart reminders for your medicine timing, insulin dosage or blood sugar reading can be easily set.

4. Share your blood sugar readings with your physician and family members conveniently.
Conveniently share your blood sugar reading with your physician, family members and loved ones. The members will have to install "Lifespan Family Connect App" on their android device from google play.

Features Coming soon:
1. Diabetes Education:
Diabetes education content for ease of understanding the factors contributing to diabetes. The app. will provide you with diabetes management tips, lifestyle ‘additions’ and positive changes that you can do to improve your diabetes.

2. Recipes for Diabetics
Now savour the food you eat! The app. provides you with wonderful recipes that will allow you to enjoy delicious foods without the risk of increasing your blood sugar levels. Diabetics can now eat their way to good health!

3. Social Groups
Have you faced the temptation to eat something sugary! Post it on our social group and you will receive support from fellow diabetics that share the same goal of diabetes control. Now you won’t be alone! Our social network of diabetics will motivate you to control your diabetes effectively.

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