Lose Weight Fast



...and by fast I mean you're going to run a lot!

Lose Weight Fast is a little application which can tell you if you are overweight, normal or underweight. If you are overweight, it will tell you how many hours of jogging you need in order to get to a normal weight. You can also enter a desired amount of weight to lose and it will tell you how much you need to jog in order to lose that weight. The application works for both male and female.

As this is my first application on the Android Market, I kindly ask every person who can donate a penny to visit www.acalin.blogspot.com . I would be very grateful for every donation as I need the money in order to further develop applications. Thanks a lot!

Finally, thanks for downloading this application and sorry for the long description(at least it's not as long as a "I Agree To The Following Terms And Conditions" in some computer programs :P ).

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