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Sexual Health with Doctor Sandrine Atallah .


You will hereby find all relevant information concerning sexual health and sexology. Nowadays when it comes to sex, many people are still grappling with its complexities and unfortunately questions remain unanswered.

What matters most are your perceptions on sex and how it can improve your quality of life.

More people, nowadays, discuss easily their sexuality but they should be able to talk about their dilemmas without shame.

Sexuality affects negatively or positively relationships; it is very relative to the couple’s nature. Today, this situation has changed as more people are beginning to shift their attention to their sexual life and their partner.

Sex is very much present in the media, even more than in reality; depending on who is communicating the message and for what purpose, the media is a problem and a solution in the same time. Compared to media icons, most of the people perceive themselves as failures and abnormal; this leads to lack of confidence in the sex appeal and the sexuality.

The main question people ask about their sexuality is the following: Am I normal? The best way to answer this question is that if you don’t think you have a problem then you are normal.

TOP 5 REASONS TO DOWNLOAD this Sexoology application

1. YOU THINK YOU ARE ABNORMAL … Though there are no real definitions as to what is normal and what is not, a sexologist will be able to guide you through better understanding your sexuality.

2. TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE … “The main purpose of sexology is to improve your quality of life,”

3. YOUR PARTNER IS UNHAPPY … Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as happy sexless couples. According to Doctor Sandrine Atallah, “People get together for different reasons so it depends on your objectives. The real problem arises when one of the partners is unsatisfied with their sex life.”

4. YOU ARE READY TO BE OPEN … As with much talk therapy, the only way for the sessions to bear fruit is if you are willing to discuss the issues that are causing you distress.

5. TO EDUCATE YOURSELF … “ We are not well informed and so we don’t always make the right decisions,” explains Doctor Atallah .

Topics Arabic:
1. Men
a. Male sexual response cycle
b. Premature Ejaculation
c. Erection problems
d. 9 techniques to slow down ejaculation
e. Anejaculation
f. Penis size
g. Penis health
h. Sperm health

2. Women
a. Pregnancy and sex
b. Vaginismus
c. Vaginal dryness
d. Orgasm physiology
e. Orgasm secrets
f. The clitoris
g. Being a mom: how to talk to your teenager
h. Being a mom and a lover
i. Taking good care of your breast

3. Couple
a. Fantasies
b. First time
c. Aging
d. Masturbation
e. Tantric Sex
f. Small sexual accidents
g. Online pornography
h. Effects of alcohol on sex
i. Mind and sex (psychology)
j. Couple communication
k. How to make your marriage last
l. Summer and sex
m. Virtual flirting
n. Hypnosexotherapy
o. Impact of infertility on sex
p. Safe sex
q. Homemade sextoys
r. Importance of foreplay

B. Tips Arabic

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