Medication Reminders Widget




    Get the essential medication reminders application:

    - Take a picture instead of typing the medication name, or vice versa, or both.
    - Automatic & regular re-reminders with adjustable snooze interval until taken
    - Auto-updating home screen widget with "Take early" button when it's approaching time to take, and "Take now" button when missed
    - Built-in schedules / recalls previous choices - for quick setting
    - Full reminder screen with pictures and/or text when it's time to take, showing all meds to be taken then on one page. Option to have them on separate pages.
    - Reminder sound can be set to any ringtone (long) or notification (short) sound on your phone
    - Sound off in silent mode
    - Vibrate can be set to repeat, one-shot, or off, with adjustable duration.
    - Touching any reminder screen stops sound/vibration
    - Status bar notifications at the same time
    - Re-reminds if not taken after an adjustable time interval, for all meds. Puts these with other scheduled meds if their alarm times coincide.
    - All alarms survive even if phone was restarted, switched off, battery ran out or battery was removed, for any duration.
    - Alarms take daylight savings time into account
    - Tapping home screen widget brings up meds in order of time to be taken, earliest first, with "Take now" buttons for meds that have been missed (at the top) and "Take early" buttons for meds whose times are approaching, and an "Add new med" button.
    - Edit/delete med by long press
    - Settings available via menu/options on the same ("My meds") screen

    For basic instructions see screenshots. Please use this page as reference.

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