MediMe(BETA) is your medical history companion. Know what medicine you took and what effect it made. Powerful search tool to find effects of medicine.

Your medical history companion. Track medicine you took and know their effects.

3 easy steps:
Step 1: Create appointment and add symptoms
Step 2: Add medicine prescribed.
Step 3: Write effects of the medicine. Did the medicine cure your symptom? Did you get a side effect?

Innovative calendar view to view the medicine you took on a calendar with color coding. Lets you easily browse which medicine are you taking on a particular time period. Looks very cool! Give it a try!!

Search tool helps you find medicine effects instantly. Just write medicine name and know what effect did this medicine had when you took it previously. Very effective to know if it had a side effect on you.

MediMe is in BETA. There may be bugs/crashes. Please let me know of issues at

Also let me know of any new features you would like to see.

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