MeditationAnywhere for Anxiety

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    MeditationAnywhere for Anxiety

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    Stress relief and greater calm and confidence in 5 minutes.

    Anxious? Get the proven health and productivity benefits of meditation in this easy-to -use app. Meditation expert Hugh Byrne guides you to dissolve anxiety-related stress and gain more focus, peace and ease.

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    •Ideal for beginners and experienced meditators alike
    •Five-minute meditation specifically relieves anxiety
    •Short intro covers common stressors (you are not alone!)
    •Crystal clear chime cues start and end of practice session
    •Reminder setting motivates you to meditate regularly for increased benefit

    Useful for Work, Meditation Helps
    - Increase focus and memory
    - Lessen anxiety and stress
    - Lower blood pressure
    - Improve sleep
    - Reduce chronic pain
    (Ref: National Institutes of Health)

    - Integrated mind-body instruction creates mental and physical health benefit
    - Tips about posture, breathing and eye gaze while meditating
    - Practical wisdom distilled from 12 years of teaching mindfulness meditation
    - Tailored to real issues that commonly cause anxiety, including workload, pace, difficult people, job security, bad day at the office
    - Helps you get out of overwhelm, and lower anxiety
    - Brings you to be fully present and at ease in the moment
    - Helps you calm and be kinder to yourself