Mental Health Services




    The goal of It's Getting Better All The Time (IGBATT) Mental Health Services is to provide mental health support to individuals who have been affected by a persistent mental illness or negative life situation.

    Using a Christ-centered, empowerment based model we seek to understand the individual not just as a person with an illness or problem but as a person with psychological, cultural, and spiritual strengths that can be utilized in their journey of recovery. Our desire is:

    1. To encourage mental health screening, assessment and referral to services.

    2. To provide information and resources that will increase an individuals' ability to advocate for him/herself and to maintain psychiatric stability.

    3. To increase awareness of mental illnesses, symptoms, relapse signs, and available coping strategies.

    4. To facilitate the development of support networks that will encourage socialization, decrease feelings of isolation, and assist individuals with integration into family, social, and community activities.

    5. To raise the level of awareness concerning mental illness within the target population and to contribute to the number of people who seek help for mental health concerns.

    6. To provide comprehensive mental health interventions to all members of society.

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