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MET-Rx Magazine

MET-Rx continues to be on the cutting-edge of sports nutrition with a custom publication appropriately named MET-Rx Magazine. Every issue showcases the MET-Rx brand, products and events, and is jam-packed with special features including diet plans, supplementation ideas, weight training techniques, athlete/celebrity profiles, great-tasting recipes and much more! Get your FREE MET-Rx Magazine app today!

As a leading manufacturer of high-quality nutrition products, MET-Rx along with MET-Rx Magazine offers fuel for the legit strong. MET-Rx Magazine educates consumers on the essentials of achieving a fit and healthy body with quality, results-oriented nutrition and continued education for the best shape of their lives because you can’t fake strong!

Every issue features a complete guide for maximizing consumers’ personal health and fitness goals, including:

• Proper Weight Training Techniques for Every Fitness Level
• Nutrition/Supplementation
• Met-Rx Athletes
• Shows/Events
• Style/Apparel
• Equipment/Gear
• Health/Beauty
• Athlete/Celebrity Profiles
• Meal Plans
• Great-Tasting Recipes
• Motivation, Inspiration and Much More!!

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