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    Mighty is a workout logger.

    No need to carry notepad to gym anymore - use your phone or tablet with Mighty! Be mobile!
    Well, probably you already were using similar app for logging exercises. We've been too, and found existing apps to be too complicated. And thus, we've created Mighty.

    Our unique features are:
    - Logging screen, which shows 10 previous workouts for chosen exercise, so you don't have to remember what weights you were using. Clicking on any old record would substitute your current input, so you don't have to enter weight and reps if you've done them on a previous workout;
    - You always see your one-repetition maximum for today and for previous workouts - so it's much easier to track your progress and it also motivates you well!
    - Shortcuts to youtube and google, allowing you to instantly find description of an exercise;
    - Slider for quick choosing weight and reps;
    - Drag and drop interface for filling days with exercises - you always see all days in your routine and all exercises, so you won't have troubles with clicking back and forth to fill day with exercises, but only use quick nice gestures;
    - Filter, which allows multiple muscles selection;
    - Start your workout right from the very first screen of our app - it can't be easier and quicker;
    - You don't have routines yet? That's ok! Use our free workout feature!

    And of course, you can create custom exercises, routines and days, view history of executed exercises, use rest timer, and more.

    Note: currently Mighty - Workout Log continues to be under development. All mentioned features are working, but there will be much more of them in the nearest future. Give our app a try right now! And then, let us know what do you think of Mighty - Workout Log.

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