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The original free Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and kickboxing Training App. Tens of thousands of Martial Artists use the Shoutbox Workout Timer to supplement their training.

Shoutbox Workout Timer is a free interval training timer for martial arts training. Shoutbox Workout Timer generates a new random heavy bag or shadow boxing round workout every time you use it. Enhance your MMA training by letting Shoutbox Workout Timer call out the moves while you focus on your form.

There is also a "Bells only" mode that let you use the SWT as an interval or Tabata (HIIT) fitness timer. If you just want to do calisthenics, use the "Exercises Only" mode. The exercise only mode is very similar to the popular seven minute workout.

The intensity setting lets you adjust the workout to your fitness level. To increase the time between combinations, decrease the intensity. To make the time between combinations shorter, increase the intensity.

There are over 20 preset workouts that include MMA training, Boxing, Thai Boxing, and Karate specific workouts. SWT even includes a workout for Fencing! All of the workouts can be edited to your preferences. The Shoutbox Workout Timer is the perfect app for MMA workouts at home or in the gym. Some martial arts instructors use the Shoutbox Workout Timer to call out commands while they walk through the class and coach their students.

Designed to work on your phone or tablet, this martial arts training workout will become part of your daily routine. Use it to augment your workouts to achieve top cardio performance. Set it for five five-minute rounds with one minute of rest and see what it feels like to train like a UFC Champion.

This MMA trainer works by having over seventy pre-set commands and exercises that you can choose for your workout. For example, If you want a better kicking workout, then decrease the frequency of punching commands. You can modify the workouts to include only the commands you want to hear.

Shoutbox Workout Timer also keeps track of how many punches or kicks you have thrown, or how much time you've spent doing push-ups, crunches, lunges, and jump squats. Watching the statistics accumulate is a great workout motivation tool.

Users of the Shoutbox Workout Timer have said:

"My new favorite exercise app, killer workout on a heavy bag or just shadowboxing. Use a mirror to critique your own form and you will grow by leaps and bounds as a martial artist while getting into incredible shape without ever leaving your basement! Great for my MMA training"

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