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Mo SafeX
Mobile Safety Excellence
Localization of persons after casualty via GPS

This application should help both, the rescue team and the person who had an accident, even if the person is unconscious.
Before the first use you need to type in the telephone number of one or two persons of trust.
The application detects if the person stops and in that case a person of trust, will get a SMS with your exact GPS-coordinates and your name. The application could help you even if you are away alone.
The person of trust can now call the ambulance and tell them the exact GPS-coordinates in case of an emergency.
This application should give you a feeling of safety.

- The application helps to save valuable time during searching the person
- Sanitary damage could be minimized by locating the person in a shorter time
- Because of the exact GPS-position the application helps to save time and money
- The risk for the rescue team will be minimized
- You can feel more safe even if you are away alone

Do not misuse this application. In case of misuse you have to pay the rescue mission and a misuse record will follow.

This application could save your life, please read the disclaimer carefully.

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