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Based on scientific research, savoring happy memories from the past can make one happier. Happier people are healthier and live longer. Our Moments app is designed to make you happier by helping you relive your happy moments.

Simply capture beautiful happy moments as they happen using photos, voice and/or text. Moments will make you smile by reminding you of fond moments from your life that somehow slip away and are forgotten with time.

Whenever you are feeling down or a little blue or just want to smile, open Moments and get reminded of a random moment that will bring you a smile and make you happy. Want more smiles, just shake the phone and find another random happy moment. More moments you capture, more fun it will be to find random moments to treasure.

Want to share a moment with your friends? - Share it on facebook or share it via email. Have a favorite moment that you want to see over and over again? - Mark it as favorite and look at your favorite list from time to time.

You can also see all your moments in chronological order, filter by date or even search on a key word.

We are trying our best to ensure that the app looks good on all the phones and we have been testing on all the devices we can find. If you find an issue with display or a crash in the application - we will be grateful if you let us know about it

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