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My Fitness Logbook - Your personal workout journal!

The simple easy-to-use workout journal and general fitness tracker for your mobile phone! Log your workouts with ease. Your journal will be quick and responsive with a backup option if you're worried about losing your data.

Being able to really support the demanding workouts made popular by Crossfit and other high intensity training regimes, entering your workouts has never been easier. The interface requires very little allowing you to put in as much information or as little information as you wish.

My Fitness Logbook understands Tabata, AMRAP, rounds and gives you the flexibility to configure custom groupings for exercises. It even knows that sometimes you'll want to keep track of which weight you wanted to use as well as which one you actually used.

With a flexible system for searching your logbook you can even look up workouts which included specific exercises.

Do you repeat a set workout regularly? Simply select 'CLONE' on the previous workout entry and edit the fields to reflect your new results.

Its free! Give it a go!

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