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    It is believed that the most useful thing in sports jogging, 2 minutes run fast, 2 minutes walk. Treadmills in gyms provide such programs. How to stick to this type of training, if you're running on the street and want to stick with this style? With our program you can build any interval. Not necessarily for 2 minutes, or 5. For example, 1 minute, then 5, then 7, then 3, and then loop (you can create intervals up to seconds). The program will warn you with a built-in sound or strobe flash that passed the specified interval. Of course, this is useful not only runners, but for many all sports, not just sports. The application has three preset programs for: running, boxing, swimming. To practice yoga, we were told, is very important. You can set the volume to avoid distracting.
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    There are 2 versions of the application:

    1. Interval Lite (free)
    - Contains ads.
    - You can not add your own sounds.
    - Not minimized to tray.
    - Only one type of strobe flash.

    2. Interval (medium)
    - Does not contain advertising.
    - You can add your own sounds.
    - Minimized to tray.
    - Three types of strobe flash. These are: 3 times, 7 times, 10 times.
    You can minimize this version in the tray, and the sounds of intervals will continue to sound. In this case, you can run any other program: music or counting calories. Also in this version, you can add the names of the intervals recorded your voice on tape.

    In all versions, you can create:
    - Any number of intervals.
    - To the second.
    - Any number of repetitions.
    - Set volume bounding interval.
    - The sound can be accompanied by the flash.

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