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    My Stress Kit is great for helping you keep an eye on your stress levels. The more you use My Stress Kit’s tools, the easier it can be to identify the causes of stress and manage life’s everyday pressures a little better.

    • Identify what’s raising your stress levels
    • Fast track to a bank of stress relief tips
    • Track your stress levels and reasons, get relevant tips to manage the cause of your stress
    • Monitor your stress levels and see how they changes over time
    • Understand how stress and pressure affects you

    My Stress Kit has been developed in collaboration with Aviva UK Health’s clinical team as a handy app that you can keep with you day and night – benefitting from its useful hints for better managing stress, 24 hours a day.

    A stress management tool like My Stress Kit can help you deal with life’s day to day ups and downs. With useful stress relief tips, My Stress Kit helps you find a little relief from the tension that’s caused by a busy lifestyle – the more you use it, the more you’ll understand what it is that raises your stress levels, and how you can manage them more effectively.

    Important: My Stress Kit is not prescriptive and if you are really feeling that pressure at work or home is affecting you negatively, you should make an appointment with your GP to talk in confidence about reducing stress.

    Please note, this application works best on screens using the following resolutions:

    Normal mdip - 320 x 480
    Normal hdpi - 480 x 800
    Large xhdpi - 720 x 1280

    If you receive an 'unsupported' notification then your device may not be able to use My Stress Kit at the moment. (Sorry about that.)

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