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    Collect, track, analyze and share all your health and fitness data in one app. A truly personalized experience with goal setting, reminders, feedback, and a personal trainer by your side during your exercises.

    Provide you with absolutely everything you need to monitor your health and reach your fitness goals.

    Upload your medical documents (pdf, word, excel, images etc) into myFitnessCompanion so that all your health data is in one place!

    Choose what you want to track. We support Weight, Heart rate, Blood pressure, Food intake, Asthma,Diabetes, Insulin, HbA1c, Cholesterol, Pulse oximeter, Sleep, Peak Flow, Temperature, Respiration, Stool, Ostomy, Urine osmolality and Intraocular pressure.

    Synchronize your data with Google Fit, Microsoft HealthVault, Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, iHealth, FatSecret

    Keep track of the health and fitness of all the people you care for in one application.

    Pill Reminder and medication tracker so that you wont forget to take your medications.

    Use Bluetooth and ANT+ devices to collect data automatically or input data manually.

    Premium features
    ✓ Sync your data with Google Fit, Microsoft HealthVault, Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings, iHealth, FatSecret.
    ✓ Multi user. Keep track of the health and fitness of all the people you care for in one application.
    ✓ Set reminders for your medication, exercise or readings.
    ✓ Set alarms when heartrate, pulse oximeter, respiration or body temperature is too high or too low.
    ✓ Monitor and record your health continuously using one of the many sensors.
    ✓ Heart rate zones in workout summary.
    ✓ Trend reports to monitor your progress over time.
    ✓ Graphs showing your progress over a period of time.
    ✓ Create and share reports in Excel compatible format.
    ✓ Receive audio feedback on distance, elapsed time, calories burnt, speed, heartrate and more.
    ✓ No ads.

    Sensors supported
    * Bluetooth Smart Heart rate monitors. E.g. Polar H7, Adidas miCoach, Zephyr, Scosche
    * Bluetooth Smart Blood pressure monitors. E.g. Homedics, A&D
    * ANT+ Blood pressure monitors. E.g. A&D
    * ANT+ Foot Pod devices. E.g. Garmin SDM4, Suunto, Timex
    * ANT+ Weight scales. A&D UC-324
    * OneTouch Ultra2 & Ultramini (USB OTG Cable).
    * Jawbone UP devices.
    * iHealth devices.
    * Fitbit activity tracker.
    * Withings activity tracker.
    * Scosche RHYTHM: Heart rate.
    * Contec CMS50EW: Pulse Oximeter.
    * Withings WiFi Body scale.
    * Fitbit WiFi Body scale.
    * Zephyr HxM: Heart rate.
    * Zephyr BioHarness: Heart rate, body temperature and respiration.
    * MyGlucoHealth: Blood glucose.
    * Vitalograph Asma-1: Asthma monitoring.
    * TANITA BC590 BT: Weight and Body composition.
    * FORA IR20b Ear Thermometer.
    * FORA D15b: Bloodpressure/bloodglucose/heart rate.
    * FORA D30f: Bloodpressure/bloodglucose/heart rate.
    * FORA D40d: Bloodpressure/bloodglucose/heart rate.
    * Nonin 9560 Onyx II: Oxygen level and heart rate.
    * Nonin WristOx2 3150: Oxygen level and heart rate.
    * Polytel PWR-08-06: Blood glucose for LifeScan OneTouch Ultra, Ultra2 and UltraMini.
    * A&D UC321 BT: Weight.
    * A&D UC324 PBT: Weight.
    * A&D UA767 BT: Blood pressure and heart rate.
    * ATAGO Urine Osmolality Meter PAL-mOsm.

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    Users comments

    Dennis Bareis

    by Dennis Bareis

    Feb 04, 2017  |  "Good"

    Died when I used it. Took a while to get manual entry of blood pressure data going, then learnt its a subscription to sync with Google Fit (I don't mind paying, just not forever).

    Sven Simon

    by Sven Simon

    Dec 29, 2016  |  "Great"

    I have updated this after the developer made a beta version available to me that fixed the Fitbit sync issue and the battery drainage that exists in the current version. This is a nice idea and one of the only apps that still provides access to Microsoft Health Vault (limited to some data not all) on Android. It allows a quick overview of the most important health data (Exercise, Weight, Glucose, Blood Pressure, Sleep) from several sources (Microsoft HealthVault, Withings, Fitbit, iHealth, UP, Google Fit to mention some) and brings all data together into one interface. It allows manual input data to be written back to Health Vault (which is rare enough) for most of the sensors and also offers a handy export for larger data exports and imports. The new version looks cleaner and is faster than the previous version. If you have the current version and want Fitbit, I suggest contacting the developer for help.

    Ola Hindmo

    by Ola Hindmo

    Nov 05, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Too much hassle. It should read either directly from Withings scale or via Withings app. Uninstalling

    Pete Helliwell

    by Pete Helliwell

    Oct 15, 2016  |  "OK"

    The medication Scheduling is not as flexible as I would like, as it can't cope with 2x pd MTW of a given week. Good variiety of trackers to choose from, though, and decent Charting capability . I have also discovered that the meds and manual data is not automatically backed up and in trying to troubleshoot the Fitbit problem it has lost all the data back to an early drive backup. Quite irritating for someone undergoing Chemotherapy

    Greg Ronalds

    by Greg Ronalds

    Aug 12, 2016  |  "Poor"

    Crashes when trying to log in to google fit and won't connect to fitbit at all. Paid for premium for nothing.

    Donald Jenkins

    by Donald Jenkins

    May 17, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    I love this app!