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    The following Mp3's are included in the Mystic Beats Ultimate Mp3 Bundle:
    Theta brainwaves are present during deep relaxation, drowsiness, dreaming, and meditation. Through meditation theta brainwaves can be a source of creativity, intuition, increased memory, focus, and can lower stress and anxiety. Theta brainwaves are also associated with our sub conscious and emotional reactions.

    Each mp3 track in Mystic Beats Theta Meditation Music is designed for use while meditating, relaxing, sleeping, or as background music for hypnosis, massage, and more.

    In each mp3 we utilize brainwave entrainment technology for producing theta brainwaves. There are 10 soothing ambient music tracks embedded with harmonic box x (binaural beats and monaural beats) theta frequencies.

    Meditation is a natural state of mind.
    It is purely a mental activity.
    The main goal in meditation is to establish contact with the Divine within - the awakening of the Divine Consciousness within. The main point in meditation is for the activated life-force to do its purification work. Meditation is not a practice which one can grasp and become proficient overnight.

    You have made a beginning in meditation the very first instance that you close your eyes to make contact with the Divine within. Once you have learned to turn inward to make contact with the Divine within, you become the beholder of Its activity and expression so that you can draw your good from the Divine within.

    As people awaken generally, more and more are viewing meditation scientifically rather than as a mysterious exercise practised by so-called mystics. Do not be discouraged even if you seem to be making no progress in the early stage of meditation. With practice and perseverance, you can progress and may even master the art of meditation in due course.

    Regardless of how many years you have been practising meditation, you will find that it is a wonderful, personal, on-going adventure with unlimited possibilities.

    Meditation is not thinking about something as many people misunderstand. It is a process of seeking Truth, of understanding ourselves better and of turning all our emotions into the calmness of meditation. To do this we need to go very deeply into meditation, graduating from an infantile to advanced stage.

    In the early stage of meditation, we strive to achieve stillness and calmness and to be very quiet and relaxed, and perhaps follow simple instructions in the form of guided meditation. But as we refine our meditation, we begin to realize that meditation is more than just relaxing and observing and dealing with our feelings, thoughts, emotions or experiences. We realize that it is a process of seeking the truth of things.

    Some people apply intense concentration when beginning meditation, others may use visualization or the chanting of mantras or other practices to help them to develop stillness and concentration. Meditation is a process which heightens specific forms of sensitivity. In meditation we go inwards.

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