Natural Pain Management



Pain is a fact of life that many thousands of people all over the world live with every single day of their lives. This is simply a miserable way to live.

In Natural Pain Management we will introduce you to the basics of the condition including:

 The difference between real pain and pain caused by environmental or physiological factors such as having no money or breaking up with a loved one

 The medical definition of pain and how it is related to actual or potential tissue damage

 Why one person feels extreme pain when another feels just irritating or mild pain after the same type of injury!

 What the experts say about the subjective nature of pain that is a fact that is so ignored by doctors!

 How doctors typically are trained to assess and diagnose the extremity and severity of your pain

 When does pain stop being part of your body's natural defense system and just a big annoyance

 How we can be unconscious or too conscious of painful sensations

 How extreme pain might be a throwback to evolution and what we might have experienced during caveman days

 What mother's milk and nursing might have to do with how well you tolerate pain as an adult

 How to determine what type of pain you have and whether you even need a pain killer

 What types of pain are typically treated by opiate pain killers and what other types are typically treated by over-the-counter versions

 The role that endorphins in your brain play in controlling pain

You do not have to make a trip to the pharmacy for any pain. Learn how to deal with it naturally. Thank.

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