Noise makes us ill



Noise makes people sick. Learn in a compact form in this app interesting things to noise problems. What is noise? Over millions of years mankind was surrounded only by natural sounds. Storms, lightning, falling rocks, natural eruptions were probably on the noise Scala the loudest. Waves, rustling leaves, animal sounds are perceived by us as particularly reassuring. But since the development of the steam engine and the loom, there are technical noise sources. And today, just the flight and road calls to protect against noise elaborate measures people. Most protests against the noise, there is against these types of noise. Construction noise is temporary, but traffic noise is a permanent load. Not everyone can afford or is willing to change his place of residence, to escape the permanent stress caused by noise.

Good hearing of it!
Take a hearing test by Hahlbrock ( German physicians in the field of ear, nose and throat medicine - Freiburg speech test). Our professional Android app " Hearing Test EN " contains no banner ads and does not require any permissions. Road noise, stress , visits to nightclubs , to loud listening with headphones or noise at work cause hearing loss. Therefore, a hearing test at specific time intervals should belong to health prevention.
Who finds deficiencies in the listening tests and suffers from hearing loss that is treading usually the first road to the house or otolaryngologist ( ear, nose and throat doctor). Here it is important to determine the degree of hearing loss and to initiate corrective action .
Following a recognized profession and master specialist , individually tailored to the specific needs of the person hearing aid can be made to a prescription by a hearing care in your contry .

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